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Fantasy Flowers 1

February 18, 2016

20160128_111634  This is an original design, 16″ x 16″, machine quilted, hand painted, professionally framed and ready for hanging. $350.00 + shipping. You can reach me at 218-779-6145.

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Original Fiber Art

January 12, 2016
Original Fiber Art Vines

Original Fiber Art Vines

Original design, machine quilted, hand inked, ready for hanging. 16 x 16.

This was conceived as part of my Arts Partnership Grant. The premise is can quilting become wall art. I think so, how about you?

Original Round Quilt based on Nadelstern’s book

November 1, 2012
Original design 52 ” diameter quilt based on Nadlestern’s book. The batik in the center star was used to pull the palette together. Cotton and cotton blends were used to achieve the right mix of colors.

Black & White Star Quilt

March 21, 2011

3 D Flowers

December 7, 2010

45 x 57 machine pieced and machine quilted.  Memory quilt with names in white spaces.

Green & Pink Star

December 7, 2010

45 x 45 machine pieced and machine quilted.

Charles Star

December 4, 2010

98 x98 hand and machine pieced hand and machine quilted.   Each part of the star reflects interests of the client.

Country Gatherings for Shauna

April 19, 2009
Country Gatherings for Shauna

Country Gatherings for Shauna

Dimensions 72.5 x 59 .  This is a ‘Country Gatherings’ pattern in a neutrals color palette.  Piecing each block was very time consuming because each block was built using different fabrics.  The quilting only took 5 hours.  I outline quilted the patterns and free handed the feathered sashings and borders.  The striped border is quilted using a rope pattern.

Gary’s Star

January 3, 2009
Gary's star quilt

Gary's star quilt 64" x 64"

French style whole cloth

December 21, 2008

French style whole cloth quilt 45" x 45"

French style whole cloth quilt in the antique tradition freehand drawn and quilted by me. 45″ x 45″